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Dragons. Urinetown, Good People, Finian's Rainbow, Sizwe Bansi

Dragons. I remember saying that if I did A Thing I was obsessed. Which I have now done. Oh well, at least it's free.

Despite being tired and lacking in brain last week, I saw two plays, the "Springtime in Hitler Returns" joke that is Urinetown, and the fucking brilliant Good People at the Hampstead Theater. Seriously, I'd seen so many non-funny comedies that I thought I'd just forgotten how to laugh at the theater. But this play was genuinely funny and, as a person who grew up very poor, something I really related to.

However, if you like it light and brainless and happy, I could also recommend to you Finian's Rainbow. Or if you want it very political, and yet still 100% relevant (to us immigrant folk anyway), I could send you over to Sizwe Bansi at the Young Vic. But if you only can see one show, spend your pennies on Good People - a show this brilliant will come but once a year.

(Apologies for not posting these earlier but I haven't been really on with my writing and it's been hard to get these done, much less remember to post them here.)
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