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Conversation in Camisa (a deli in Soho)

Me (to man who just ordered in Italian but has a very friendly sounding accent): You been shopping here long? This is my first time.
Him: Yeah, forty years now. This place is the real deal. It's not for tourists, it's not show biz, it's just a perfect deli.
Me: It sure is! Are you American?
Him: Yeah, but I've been here for longer than I'm willing to admit to.
Me: I'd guess at least 40 years!
Him: You got me there!
Me: Where are you from?
Him: New York.
Me: Oh, wow, that's the one place I'd want to go back to.
Him: You can't do it. Not after forty years. There's no place to go back to. It only exists in your head.
Me: Yeah. You leave and it keeps moving forward and you keep moving forward and then neither of you are the same anymore. It's just memories.
Him: How long you been here?
Me: 7 and a half years.
Him: You still probably got something to go back to. It's changed, but there's still enough there. But after ten years, there's no going back. You carry the memories with you, but you are where you are. Alright, see ya!
Me: Yeah, see you again!
Tags: memories, the missing
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