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Man, I miss my brain. I don't think I got to have it most of last month. I say this because I can't remember last month and that usually means my brain was out of commission. This is some kind of funky side effect from the urticaria: when it kicks off, I become physically and mentally slow. And last month was not good for the urticaria.

This month, well, I'm starting by taking some blood pressure medication that may have the side effect of making me groggy. It might, however, have the side effect of helping to keep the urticaria under control: but it looks like either way I'm going to be feeling stupid. I hate that.

This has led, in one way or another, to me reading less this last month, and picking easier books. I'm currently in the middle of about 10 books according to GoodReads list. I thought I'd list some books I famously have not managed to finish, and encourage you to tell me yours.

1. Tristan Shandy: like Naked Lunch, every time I picked this up I was not sure if I had read the particular chapter before. Probably got third through.
2. Dangerous Liaisons: I really want to read it, but it's so sanctimonious. 25% done.
3. Ulysses. I think I need to read Joyce to be a good reader, but I just fail. Maybe I'll try another one of his books.

Still to try are Moby Dick and Don Quixote.

Tell me: what books have you failed to read?
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