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On creativity and: Reviews: Taste of Honey, Pests, and Orton

I'm surprised to say: whoa! I am feeling good! I managed to write five reviews in three days this past week, and what it says to me is: being sick kills my creativity. Even the simple activity of writing a theater review is more than my tired mind can manage. So being sick (from being stressed and having my immune system kick off and shut down the rest of me) apparently kills whatever part of my brain does writing. This makes my lack of accomplishments over the summer seem not nearly as pathetic. Of course, if I'd managed to avoid the places on the internet where shit stirring was going on, I probably would have gotten better a lot quicker. But, you know, it takes time. The doc says my number one health concern is keeping my stress down, so I need to keep focused on that and try to think broadly about what I can do to make my life survivable - until a point, anyway.

Anyway, I saw some great shows last week. The very best was Pests, a really intense play about two sisters at the bottom of the heap who just can't seem to help each other take even the tiniest step in a better direction. It was a nice prequel to A Taste of Honey, which is also about life when you're poor but from a much more realistic point of view. I did a longer review comparing the two. My takeaway? There's nothing like family to drag you down and keep you there.

I also enjoyed Orton, the new musical about the life of Joe Orton that's on at the Above the Stag. Somehow it seemed I should have been there with booklectic, but instead I was there with a Russian woman I'd met while I was kayaking in Sicily. It was raucous and raunchy and I think Orton might have liked it except for maybe how it made him out to be a bit too sweet and Halliwell a bit too sympathetic. But, you know, musicals benefit from keeping it simple; this one had the added plus of raunch.
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