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Don't see how tacos could have made me dream about Cuchinactatz

This villain from the cartoon "The Phantom" was after me in my dreams last night. I helped steal his snake costume so that he couldn't put in on and kill us. But by putting it on I inadvertently left trails of little yellow flowers everywhere, making me easy to find. The costume also somehow fried a Matrix-like computer pattern into the fabric of my nightrobe (how it fit under the costume is undetermined), which I needed to hide so the snake man couldn't figure out who was onto his game. It made me glad when the alarm went off.

I finally found a copy of Absalom, Absalom this weekend, so I'm ready to get to work on my New Year's resolution! Maurie has indicated she might be interested in reading it too (as she wants to read more Great Books), so I might have someone to talk about it with ... a mini-book club! I'm kind of excited about the possibility.

This week is going to be packed ... Early Music Guild meetings Monday and Thursday, my last Japanese class Tuesday, and St. Patrick's Day Ceili Dancing at the Tractor Tavern Wednesday. With any luck our friend Jared from Albuquerque will want to join us Wednesday night. I also found out that there are regular Ceilis on Sunday night at the Irish Emigrant</i> in the U-District, and I have high hopes that I can convince shadowdaddy, irrationalrobot and Mrs. irrationalrobot to start joining us there from 7-9 PM. Big pints of Guiness and lots of dancing - what fun!

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