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Triathalon. Yes I can. Maybe

So about a month ago I got an email from the company I'm buying sports bras from, about a triathlon. It's actually being sponsored by a sports bra I really favor, so I looked at the link. Amazingly, the swimming and running distances for the beginner tri were distances I could already cover and was doing regularly: 200 meters swim and 3.5 k run. And the bike ride was trivial.

Suddenly I thought: hey, I bet I can do a triathlon.

So in the last three weeks, I've bought a tri suit, realized it has no support and bought a special swimsuit from the company that manufactures my current favored sports bra (Panache), went to triathlon coaching at the gym, and talked to the swim coach at my gym about what I need to do. Nobody has really been particularly helpful so far about the stuff I'm really worried about, which is how to deal with having 300 swimmers trying to go over you when you're in open water, and how to manage transitions (this is supposed to be a big deal). But Tuesday I swam and ran 80% of the tri distance one right after the other, and today I ran and swam the correct distance and got in just less than half of the biking time (then gave up due to needing to go back to work). Next week, Wednesday, I'll do the whole shebang. Then it's just working on doing the swimming continuously (no catching your breath at the end of the pool), and hey ... come July 13th, I should be doing my first ever triathlon.

Provided, of course, my health doesn't shit out like it did in February, when I had to quit the dance classes because I was just too exhausted to manage.
Tags: health, triathlon
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