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Triathlon - now I'm registered

I've been continuing my triathlon training at the gym. Today I did something neat: I swam, ran and biked all the distances of my mini-tri. It took about 55 minutes and in no way captured what it would really be like to be racing, except for maybe the fun and excitement of being on a bike with a wet butt. It did give me a chance to generally check out what I'm planning on wearing, and the new Panache swim suit with the killer support bra is the shit. Now, it doesn't have any "anti-chafing" qualities for the bike bit, but man can you run in that mother. I don't know if I'll even bother with the tri "suit" I bought, it's so damned useless with its toy bra. There's also the question of a wetsuit, which is apparently obgligatory at certain temperatures and forbidden at others. I don't want to spent a bunch of money for something I actually can't wear the day of the race - in fact, I want to spend as little money as possible on gear. I'll have to get it sorted if I need one, though, somehow ... aargh.

In related news the book emmarytz recommended showed up, but given that it's written by a woman who runs Iron Mans I'm not sure to what extend her advice will hold true for me. On the other hand, unlike the people at the gym whose triathlon training suggestions were to work on increasing my speed at running and biking and jack shit about swimming or transitions, I suspect Trialthlon Revolution will still hold some value even for a greenhorn who's not going all wild doing insane distances.

Anyway, I was feeling good enough about my abilities that on Tuesday I actually registered for the race in question, hoping firmly that my health holds stable (despite the current challenges to my stress levels) and that I'm able to make it and complete. My only goal is to complete. For me, given how far I've come in a year, that will definitely be a win.
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