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Triathlon update

This week was a bit lame on the training perspective - I was intending to get a 30 minute run in and only did 3 twenties; on the day I'd planned a big run it actually was really hot and my heart rate was spiking much higher than it usually does and, um, I was seeing black twinkles in my peripheral vision. So I dialed down the pace and kept it at my standard twenty and called that day good. I also had a major pisser as on a day I was planning on doing a combo workout (swim/run) my fucking goggle strap snapped, first in the locker room (I spent five minutes trying to thread it back on) then again right before I got in the water. So, fuck you goggles, but I was already at the pool so what hey, 4 laps of backstroke. It also meant I didn't have enough time to get a run in. Grumble. And the next day when I would have been at the gym instead I had to use my lunch break to go to the sports store and get some new goggles. On the other hand, per one of the tips in the tri training book, I went and got some ear plugs, as apparently I'm putting myself at risk for getting swimmers ear.

Another one of the tips I've got from the Triathlon Revolution book is that core strength is important for the total effort, so I've got my mind set to try to get a Pilates workout in every week. This week I was 1) able to get in to the free class at my gym (it's perennially full and I can't seem to get the jump on the reservation system) and 2) had my butt fairly whupped by the substitute instructor - big win in my book, sore for two days (in the good way) afterward (all the side muscles I don't normally work).

I am thinking I need to get back to running 5 days a week in order to not feel so slow on my runs. I'm also considering trying to up to 5 K already (the distance for the next level of triathlon) and basically overshoot the goal for my current triathlon. But I'm struggling with having time to run this int he time I've giving myself (as well as, er, just really not being up for a 5 k distance since I'm normally running at most 3 K). I've started to speed up my runs from 7 k per hour pace to 8 K per hour; with luck, I can do something like 22/25/28/30 minutes over the next three weeks and then be on to a regular 4 K run in 30 minutes and a 5 K in 37. (Apparently fast people do 5 K under 30 minutes so that probably ought to be a goal for me as well but just doing 5K when I want to would probably be good enough.)

I've been totally lame about doing any bike training this past week, though: but when I think about my one day this weekend when I could do anything, I think, "Get out there and run" not get out there and bike. So I'll just say boo yah, I'm going to get three bike rides in this week at the gym, and I'll just make it happen.

On a chipper note, I was hanging out at this amazing outdoor Korean cafe in Bethnal Green with my friend Sophie yesterday, and she said, "Wow! Look at you! Doing a triathlon! Aren't you totally amazing!" And I was just terribly flattered, because, you know, I'm not really an athlete or anything. The thing is, it amazes me to think that just 14 months ago my muscles were so wasted from illness I couldn't stand for 30 minutes and had to rest after going up a flight of stairs. What a turnaround I've made! Sadly, if things go poorly in my personal/work life I could have another fucking urticaria flareup and totally miss the race, but even despite that, the muscles underneath are stronger than they were after I'd been sick for four months, and, in some ways, they may be stronger than they've ever been in my life.

To help with my training effort, I'm also going to take notes on a daily basis of how my workouts feel in my Fitocracy log, again (per the book) to see if I can see how the interaction of various things, like recovery time (and, in my eyes, adding MORE running to the mix) affects my perception of how my workouts go. But my feeling about myself for doing this is really good - I've never seen myself as an athlete, and if I complete this race, it will be a big deal to me, a real mile stone in many ways. "Remember, the woman who starts the race is not the same one who finishes it." And I really hope my health holds up well enough that I can make this race.
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