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Race day tomorrow

Well, I've researched the route, I've mostly packed my bag, and it looks like I'm ready for my race. I've already done all the distances in a row twice, so I feel confident that I can do it - well, except for swimming the distance continuously, as I've always stopped and turned at the edge of the pool - hopefully that won't make much of a difference as I can always swim on my back if I'm feeling tired or squeezed. There's only one last wave behind mine, so there's not much chance of me being run over in the water - although I have a feeling we may have a pretty large group and thus there may be less chance of me say being in the first three (this was never really a consideration or goal only I found out I could get a prize if I did, that would be nice).

In other news, the wetsuit S lent me fits, YAY, but the water is so warm wetsuits will be forbidden ALSO YAY as I want to swim in warmer water!

In comic news, the distance I'm going to be biking from Windsor rail station to the lake is actually longer than the distance I have to race in the tri, but hey, it means I'll be warmed up.

In bad news, I quit my job on Friday and I do not have another job lined up.
Tags: job hunt, triathlon
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