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Making the future

So in a week I'm doing a real triathlon - a sprint distance one as opposed to the pint-sized beginners' tri I did last month. I think I'm physically prepared for it, but I have a feeling I'm going to get panicky the day before and have a hard time psyching myself up on the day. The panic, the adrenaline, the anxiety issues are still a problem for me - really not what I should be worrying about when it comes to racing (like I know so much about it this being the second time in my life I've volunteered for something stupid like this) but ... well, if it's really horrible again, this will be the last one. I don't want to be broken for three days because my brain snapped.

Anyway, the future! So, I am getting ramped up to hold a queer theater festival next summer at the King's Head. I'm having a talk with the ALD there and hopefully we can get a lot of stuff sorted out, but mentally I feel like this is the right next thing for me to do, something that's really close to my heart - theater and promoting new writing. I'm thinking the "Hundred Flowers Festival of New Queer Theater" would be a good name for it because I'm hoping that it will cause a blossoming of new plays in this space - that more writing will mean that some truly excellent works will bloom. It will keep me pretty busy, I think, possibly meaning I have to give up on the theater criticism next year ... but we'll just see how it pans out. At any rate, I think it's a really exciting thing ... if it happens. Watch this space!

And meanwhile my play, what I'm now calling my first play, I'm going to try to get it organized to be done at the Brighton festival if it doesn't get picked up by any actual theaters. (Which, you know, probably isn't very likely.) The future is beckoning ...
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