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Rewiews: James plays, Wolf at the Door, Briefs

I've been mostly keeping up with writing reviews, but I haven't been posting them here much.

Last night we saw the second of the three plays about the various kings named James who ruled Scotland. It wasn't as good as the first one, but the whole idea of a series of plays about nation building and national identity happening right now as the Scottish independence referendum is about to take place is very powerful I bought tickets to them as a birthday present for J: it's been very appreciated.

Last week I saw a play about unbuilding a nation - Wolf from the Door at the Royal Court. The idea of anarchists taking down all of the government of Britain from there base in Crystal Palace via women's groups and gardening clubs was pretty surreal.

Most fun of all was Briefs: the Second Coming, a drag queen circus show cabaret with all of the sexy left in. Highly recommended!
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