Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The world is my oyster

I basically don't have anything to do at work today, or much of anything for the next week. Just sit around and wait for builds to be delivered, and confirm that the bugs have been fixed. One of the biggest ones I found is not going to be fixed because of the financial impact. It touches about 20 reports, and our budget was more or less spent as of Friday, and I only found it on Thursday. Oh well.

My crap-like feelings from yesterday have been explained as my body trying to fight off the cold that one of my coworkers (Sean) tried to pass off to me yesterday AM. I'm very proud of my immune system for working so hard to defeat the evil germs. I realized that at the cost of a lost day of work I would be very likely to come in anyway even if I felt like a steamroller had run me down while I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. It's a good thing my stress levels have been low and I've been eating and sleeping enough.

I was all ready to spend a quiet night at home and was even cooking up the Mango Chicken recipe I'd found two weeks ago when Rebecca called and asked me if I wanted to go eat at Mesob (again), warning me that she'd go without me. I told her she'd be waiting for a really long time to have her dinner if she did that since they're not open on Mondays. However, I did talk her into going to Hing Loon, even though I had NOT been intending on going out to eat. Afterwards we made a trip to Uwajimaya and I bought Worthy O big piles of noodle bowls and got myself some moon cakes and Strawberry White Rabbit candy. After I got home I felt obliged to do dishes lest I get stuck with two hours worth tonight. So much for my plan to work on my paint by number calendar.

If only I had WS-FTP on this machine I could update my Chow Hound site today. I've got a lot more to say about Chinatown now, and I could add a section on the Ethiopian/Somali restaurants.
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