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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Reviews: Hope, Spymonkey at Wiltons, White Christmas

Last week's "seven shows in six days" was pretty exhausting. Thank goodness for Jordi Savall on Friday so I could have a night of something I didn't have to review! The night before had been a well meaning but dull political play with some comedic value: Hope. I was really happy that there was a play with an actress with Down's syndrome happening - that was great - but otherwise it needed more punch.

Then it was time to "celebrate the season" which I did with Amy and then Alex. Amy and I went to see White Christmas - the kind of thing that really gets your hopes up. Amy found it less enjoyable than the movie for many reasons that could mostly have been dealt with by the scriptwriter of the stage version: read her notes here. Less disappointing but still flat was the Spymonkey show at Wilton's Music Hall - they were having fun, I wasn't. Except for going with my friends - that makes any afternoon/evening enjoyable.

This week it's three pantos in a row, Wedesday/Thursday/Friday, but the reviews will be on The Public Reviews before they make it to my blog - their requirements. Then Saturday it's another DOUBLE HEADER and then believe it or not I'm just seeing one play in all of the next week - but I get to see Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back so that will be a-okay in my book.
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