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On my development as a writer

The theater reviews carry on - I don't appear to be posting them here very much. I should fix that, maybe later today. I also do a theater review podcast sometimes. It's recorded on Sunday mornings, and it's like getting together for a coffee with a bunch of other theater nuts, only we're all in our own houses.

Play one, Three Brothers, is being prepared for submission to a playwriting contest (closing date October). I'm making it bigger - I fleshed out act one over Easter but need to add another 10-20 minutes to act 2 as well - and then I need to type it up. I should get this done in May.

Xmas Carol, play 2, is going to need a rewrite after the election since so much of its humor is political. However, I may get a scene of it performed at a political theater evening at the Battersea Arts Center in April - although given the director doesn't actually have anyone to perform it I'm feeling doubtful. I've been promised a slot to do it in December at the Old Red Lion but apparently I'm going to have to pony up the costs to produce it, including paying actors for about 10 rehearsals or so. It was all so much easier in Seattle where fringe theater took place in the evenings, rather than having rehearsals during the day like we do here. It'll probably set me back a minimum of 500 quid. Ow.

Play three, Coffee Bean, is making some progress right now. Scene one is written and I started scene two last night. I don't think it will be done until July or August as I still have a lot of stuff I'm not sure about and I need to think it through. I introduced the character of the Evangelical Christian who runs the place last night. To be honest I could probably easily do a bit more of it today before the picnic I'm going to but given what a lovely day it is I think I'll probably run instead.

I did some timings: 10 pages (Moleskine) = 5 minutes to speak and 1 hour to write. Man! It's going to take ages to get through the next one.
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