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Fifteen seconds of fame

My letter to the editor was quoted in this week's edition of The Stranger! How exciting!

After work I was feeling eager to spend some time outdoors, and shadowdaddy and I (and Shadow) took a walk around the neighborhood and discussed The Issues of the Day. Afterwards, although I was feeling like just giving up and not going out (or maybe visiting my boyfriend Owen), but I put on a dress with a nice skirt and we went Ceili dancing at the Tractor. It was a lot of fun - I think I'm going to start doing the class on Sunday nights at the Irish Emigrant. We left somewhat early to stop by Goldies, where I got in one song ("Break It to Me Gently," which earned me a light stick necklace from the KJ) and we both got to visit with motomotoyama, insearchofangst and Allen (I promise I'll get your handle on here soon!). It was very lightweight but pleasant - overall I'd rate it a good St. Patty's day.
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