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A week of milestones as a playwright

This morning I'm having a meeting of my production team - essentially Jason and Arwen - who are helping me get my playreading together for tomorrow. My housemate, David, the theatrical accompanist, jumped in on it too - enticed in by waffles and bacon, I think.

It's the first time I've ever seen my work rehearsed - on Sunday, the ten minute reading for Blackshaw. It was freaky to have a director talking about the characters (who are all people I knew - or am) as if she knew them herself, but she saw them very differently than I did (and I couldn't help but think she saw them wrong). She said the character that was me was "delusional" - and, in addition, she was played by an actress who was a different race from me, which caused extremely interesting feelings of seeing myself in a very different mirror. The actress was very good, even though seeing her painfully revealed to me what a saddo I was at 23. I just very generally just had to let go, of my life and of the work - and learning to let go is, I guess, part of what I have to learn about how to "be" a playwright.

I've also been learning about being a playwright from listening to the Exeunt Magazine podcast about playwriting, which has given me the opportunity to listen to all sorts of other writers talking about what they do and why and how. I don't really know many other playwrights, so this was a really amazing chance to pretend I did and they were talking to me and warning me a bit about what was to come.

One of the big takeaways from this morning is, though while I really want to get out of the reading tomorrow is some feedback about whether or not the musical bits are working, we're not going to be able to do that - I need to focus on dialogue. I'm dying to know if the scenes with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "Don't Think Twice," and "Punk Rock Girl" actually work right. In the staged reading on Wednesday, I specifically asked the audience if they understood what the meaning was of "Don't Think Twice," but sadly because of when the music got cut off I'd be surprised if they even figured out what the song was much less what it meant.

I've been too busy to write about anything much lately but I wanted to hit this. Life is changing. It's all a very exciting time.
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