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Had the reading of my 2nd play last night. Man, I have a lot of work to do to make it better, and I may not have it in me to make it really good. But I'm committed now. It was kind of amazing to hear my words spoken by the talented people who were on stage and go, "Oh, I see, now it makes sense, when a person who can read these words says them."

Also I'm frustrated about how much rewriting I'm doing in general. Now, the Finborough says you shouldn't send something to them until it is about the fourth draft, but as soon as I put something down I'm ready to work on the next thing. Right now it's totally killing me that I'm doing Xmas Carol rewrites instead of working on Space Age Love Songs. Except, well, right now, really, I'm bubbling over with ideas for Xmas Carol and want to get them on paper. But the point is: I'm frustrated that I'm supposed to spend so much time doing rewrites. I want it to be right when I write The End and then just move on. But I suppose in theater more than any other kind of writing, this really just isn't possible, if you want to actually take the words you put on paper and see them as the heart of a creative endeavor - you must keep the work moving forward just as much as the director needs to do the actors and blocking.

Anyway - time to find my pocket copy of Xmas Carol and head out to work.
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