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Writing updates

My second play (the first I wrote) is going to be on stage the end of May and beginning of June, for four performances. In preparation for this, I'm ramping up for rewrites. I had to make some changes to get it down from a 90 minute show with five actors to a one hour show with three. Then that version of the script had a reading on Saturday. I've got all sorts of ideas about how to improve it now - add a bit more background about the failed marriages of one of the character, insert some monologues (to make it beautiful), give it an even more intense sense of place .... it's a lot of work but it should help polish it up by a whole star. Right now it's one verging on two, but I can get it up to three. After that, it's all about the actors and the director, none of which exist right now.

Meanwhile my heart is really focused on the new writing I want to do, for Mountains of Madness. I spent some time working on it over lunch today. I have so many ideas in my head, about icebergs and the sound of a ship being crushed slowly and movies of doomed ponies being loaded on that ship - it's hard to get it all out there and put the magic on paper. I thought it would be easy but I've just not been working on it at all. New writing requires energy and I only have it on weekends. Well, I guess that's what the trip to Albuquerque is all about, getting that magic to happen.

Then there's my idea bubbling around in my head, for a four woman show about the life of Queen Elizabeth done with original music of the era. I have a lot of research to do for that. No rush to write it - I expect I might be ready to start on in in June, when I go to Sardinia again.

And of course there's Space Age Love Songs, which I haven't even finished transcribing, much less started rewriting. Really, it seems like I have so much to do, but having the day job isn't really holding me back ... most of these ideas need to cook anyway. I do really hope this is the year I get three plays written, since last year was not.
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