Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Loneliness is inevitable

These words, by Alain de Botton, were read on This American Life. It's about life as a part of a couple.

"Be incredibly forgiving. You will be very unhappy in lots of ways. Your partner will fail to understand you. If you are understood in maybe 60% of your soul, by your partner, that's fantastic. Consider yourself lucky. Don't expect it will be 100%. Of course you will be incredibly lonely. You will often be in despair. Many fo the hopes that took you in will have to die for the relationship to continue. In love, darkness is a real friend of relationships because so many of the failures of love come from unwarranted optimism. We're trying to do such a complex thing with someone."

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