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Japanese quirkiness to an extreme

Since you may not be able to restrain yourself, I'll warn you in advance that ALL these links are work-safe. Kind of a surprise, huh? Well, actually, they're mostly work safe - just maybe not if people bother to read over your shoulder - and the domain names may not be something you want to have in your history if you work anywhere conservative.

The internet is a remarkable thing. After being told by Emily about the strange costume fetish that involved people wearing rubber masks, I decided to troll for it online, and found, I suppose not to my surpise, that it exists. The first (of what, hundreds? Oh, the internet!) site I found actually had a map of perversions that had things on it I'd never heard of before. Robots? Giant noses? The best of all was on a Japanese fetish dictionary: HA DAISUKI - ("tooth love") - mouth fetish videos. No sex, no nudity, nothing but eating, toothbrushing, and up close dental exams!

The weather is nice today, so I think I'll be walking up to the Seattle Center and seeing the ballet. I really need to pay more attention to people who say they like the ballet because God only knows I'd rather not be going by myself, and yet the list of possible people to go with me is so very small!
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