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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Packing it in this weekend has worked out

UPDATE! The Irish dancing tonight was fun, and there is proof I had a good time online!

djcynic's housewarming party last night was an LJ meet-o-rama. Not only did I talk to blackmaru, the Tuesday DJ from Mercury (whmo I recognized from his LJ pic), I actually met a guy who had met ciphergoth in London. Small world indeed! vulture23 and his charming companion m_cobweb kept me entertained for a very long time, telling me good jokes ("What's a Seattle Poly orgy like?" "20 people sitting around comparing schedules and defining where their 'boundaries' are.") and engaging in sociological hypothesizing. (creatrix777 was also there - she's the webmistress for Roq la Rue.

As the evening wore on, I found myself chatting with Mr. Cynic, who had Googled my name and found out all sorts of stuff about me. (I had to immediately check where things stood, and since 11 of the 13 Google pages are links to my three books I feel mostly safe.) We had some Meaningful Conversation, and when my ability to be meaningful started circling the drain shadowdaddy and I headed back to the home front.

As I was saying to my neighbor yesterday, It's Springtime in the Hood, and the freaks made an appearance on the bus I was taking to Seattle Center today, getting into a fight on the while were were loading passengers on 3rd between Pike and Pine. What a nightmare! Almost everybody ran off the bus, but the bus driver shouted "The cops are coming!" and the troublemakers (part of the bad crowd that hangs out on that corner) dashed for the doors. Yuch. I got to the Seattle Center in plenty of time for the sho, and stopped by Larry's for some lunchy food. I felt kind of goofy during intermission, making my little sandwich in the lobby of the Opera Hall and dining "al fresco," but it was quite tasty and better than what they sell there.

To my great surprise, just before the lights went down shadowdaddy plopped down next to me ... he'd shown up just as intermission was starting and had no problem finding me in the nearly empty hall. Lucky him: the next two pieces were the best of the day, featuring music by Arvo Part (which sounded like it was being played backwards) and a truly amazing pas de deux between Arianna Lallone and Olivier Wevers. It wound up being a three-Arianna show for me ... well worth the $16 price for my ticket, and, in my opinion, the best show of the year.
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