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Cartoons two nights in a row, work just once

Last night was the third of our trips to the Little Theater to see Dennis Nyback's showing of archival cartoons. Tuesday was "Jazz Jazz Jazz Cartoons," a program that featured live singers (Cab Calloway, Louis Armstong, and "The Boswell Sisters," among others) fading to freaked-out animation, with a lot of bouncing-ball singalong included; Wednesday was "Cult, Oddball, and Rubber Hose Toons," which was a collection of mostly-forgotten characters. My favorite was "Sunshine Makers," which featured the sunshine dwarves versus the black-suited "We love the dark" crowd, who all looked like a cross between Severus Snape and Richard Nixon. Their theme song, "We're happy when we're sad, we're always feeling bad," cracked me up - it was like the goths versus the pep team in high school.

It looks like I may at last get a working build today ... last chance before next Thursday! It's been released to test since I've been writing this, so I'm off to test.
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