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Good lord, it's an evening at home

I can't believe it - I'm actually NOT going out tonight. How did this happen? I don't LIKE to wash dishes or do laundry (although I'm excited about wearing matching socks again). But this gives me time to dream ...

The flowers are one more sunny day away from going completely nuts in the back yard. Although I don't tend to think I'm much of a geek (Dawn doll collection aside), I am obsessive about tulips. Last year I found both a place that sells heritage tulips and other strange bulbs. Now I have these utterly fascinating and slightly freakish double hyacinths blooming underneath the plum tree, and I want to lie on my stomach and stare at them at eye level until the secrets of the universe reveal themselves to me in their ever-unfolding florets. A damn shame to have to go to work when an opportunity for enlightenment is so close.

I was thinking, though, (and please, don't slap me as a geek) that it would be fun to have "the girls" over for high tea ("Teatime in the Tulips" - now you can slap, I deserve it!) - if we have just one good sunny day this weekend. It would give me the excuse I need to spend all afternoon surrounded by my flowers, and I love feeding people (and I'm fanatical about tea, 100% otaku and unashamed), so I think it would be fun! Of course, it all circles back to the problem I've been having for some six months or so of NOT having enough friends to possibly make an event like this worthwhile ... I cook and clean my ass off, and maybe two people will come by?

Would you come by? Could you be mine, would you be mine, won't you be my ... guest?

For now, it's back to Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning - and making chicken and dumplings, and telling Wally to quit picking on The Beav. Maybe I'll get lucky and shadowdaddy and I will play a game of Carcasonne, or better yet I'll finish the taxes (also yuck) and discover I have enough money coming to pay for my grand opportunity to meet Johnny Depp (rrowr!).
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