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I am bloated with Masala Dosa

Beloved Boss drove me to Udupi Palace where we met shadowdaddy for lunch. He was fresh from buying a new laptop (okay, a used one) that he'll be taking on his trip to Singapore. We spent a considerable amount of time gossiping about people from work. shadowdaddy did a pretty good job of following along. I managed to make BB blush with a well-timed jab about how vegetarians manage to keep their diet well balanced, but apparently it was so well-timed that it made me blush, too. Go me! Of course, now that I'm back at work I find that I'm so full that I'm almost comatose. MMmmmm, Indian food!

My former beloved coworker Cort made a surprise appearance at work today. He was coming in for an interview! It would be great to have him working with me again ... for what good is it being a Evil Minion if you don't have a Lord of Darkness riding shotgun?

Finally, given shadowdaddy's unavailability for the trip to San Franciso I was hoping to make at the beginning of June (to see Ballet Frankfurt) and my conversation with dagmar_b this week (which focused me on how to solve problems), I have decided that I am going to bag the SF trip and instead try to make it down to Los Angeles the weekend of the 10th of June. That way I can see the group AND hang out with shadowdaddy, and we can talk about how good (or bad) it was afterwards. And hey, maybe we can stay in San Diego at someplace fancy, or see some art museums in Los Angeles. Either way, I envision some kayaking and visiting old friends - and a whole lot more fun that if I just went to San Francisco by myself.

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