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Go See "The Mystery of Attraction" tonight!

If you live in Seattle, I must insist that you drop your regularly scheduled programming and go see the play The Mystery of Attraction tonight, closing night, at Theater Schmeater (on Capitol Hill, between Pike and Pine about four blocks west of Broadway). I went pretty much exclusively to see Brandon Whitehead, who has been brilliant in every show I've seen him in and is in the lead role in this show (and was brilliant again as Ray). The topic of the show - the mystery(/ies) of sexual attraction - is actually very interesting, and I got a lot of pleasure out of listening to Ray and his brother argue about it. Were they actually telling me the hidden secrets inside men's minds? But what I enjoyed even more than this was a twenty-minute long scene in which Ray argues with his wife (Kate Czajkowski) about - well, everything except for children and in-laws. Money, sex, desire, the past, the present ... and what was all so beautiful about it was the thick layer of lies that came out of Ray's mouth, and his wife's constant knowledge that everything he said was bullshit. During the course of their argument, I swear I actually saw the moment when her soul flew out of her body and left the room. Yow! Great writing and great acting - plus you can bring drinks into the theater, and it's a drinking kind of play - I am so glad I finally got off my keister and went to see this play. Don't miss it.
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