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Spring has Sprung, People are Strange, I got free Little Cheddies today

We went to the Pike Place Market to satisfy my craving for a hammy crepe and were overwhelmed by the swarming hordes of freakdom that were doing their best to shake up Mom and Pop from the Midwest. First there were the guys dressed up in safari outfits (complete with pith helmets) carrying brown sleeping bags rolled up tightly and attached to poles so as to make giant mallets. They were carrying signs saying, "Will Whack for Food." Next were the slutty bunnies - various men and women wearing fishnets, garters, and bunny ears and tails. At first there seemed to be just a few of them, but (sorry for the pun) I swear they kept multiplying until there were about eight.

As I sat with my crepe staring over the alley to the bronze pig that kind of marks the focal point of the market, the bunnies and the hunters intersected and, yes, I could hear Elmer Fudd singing "Kill The Wabbit" as the hunters playfully smacked the rabbits on top of their heads. Just when I thought it could get no stranger, I heard the blast of a fog horn, and a giant car/float drove down First Avenue, covered with the swarming legions of pirates. Wow. The freaks are out today.

My reverie was interrupted by the sharp pop of brown paper bags being opened by Sparkly McGrunge Hottie, the fellah who sporadically works the donut counter at the market. I decided my day wouldn't be complete without a little flirting ("What's shaking, Customer Person?" "Me when I saw you." "I thought I saw a quiver in your lip.") Net result was two extra donuts at half the price we should have paid ... plus a big giggle from me. It was a good afternoon, and now I'm going to take a nap.

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