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Petit Fours! Petit Fours! Petit Fours!

A coworker just came by my office with a plate of cookies, upon which was just one *pink petit fours,* which I took. I suspect that this will be the highlight of my day, especially given that I am reduced to reading specs rather than testing.

Otherwise we're talking about going to Long Beach this weekend. Our big plans for the week are crumpling away. We have yet to see a single movie, we bagged on the Red Dress party last night in favor of just going out to eat, and tonight Worthy O will be continuing to tile the shower while I do an interview for Tablet instead of seeing Talk to Her. But really, doing little more Sunday than going to the sad little Lantern Festival in South Seattle was just fine; we both needed a break, especially after staying up until 2 AM from going to the Merc (YAWN!).
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