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Tasty bites review number one

In an effort to keep my lunch procurement costs down while simultaneously minimizing the amount of work I have to do to provide myself with food, I have been checking out the various products of the Tasty Bite company, which makes Indian insta-meals. They're packed in either metallic pockets (suitable for boiling) or in little trays that look just like micro-meals. They run about $2-$3 per entree, and most entrees are supposed to be good for two servings.

My current experiments have led to me believe that this is the equivalent of ramen - cheap food for college kids. Although I was initially worried about the shelf life of the food, now I've become more interested in flavor and texture. Right now I've got some Lamb Korma left over from our dinner at Tandoor the other night. It's sharing my plate with my leftover Tasty Bites Chicken Moglai and some of the rice that was in the box with the lamb. And you know what? The chicken SUCKS. It's not completely flavorless, but it's kind of a watery stew with green beans, potatoes, and chicken - basically a pumped-up Dinty Moore dinner. Fie. The bengal lentils were good, although when pouring it out of the bag I had to ignore my perception that ... well, it looked predigested. And I was disappointed that the garbanzo beans were so dang small. On the package they looked like marbles, but in my bowl they were the size of peas.

The disingenuous photo also surfaced with the Vegetable Kofta Pilaf. On the package, the rice was white and fluffy and the kofta balls were the size of walnut. In my bowl, the rice was brown (but forgivable, as very spicy) and the kofta were ... well, smallish, and looked extruded, as if I had found them in the front yard after the neighbor had been by with her pekinese. They tasted fine, but really looked unappetizing.

Last on my list is the curried mashed potatoes, Pav Bhaji, "the popular 'street food' of Bombay." On the box it is a reddish-brown with chucnks of white potatoes, carrots, and what could be either scallions or jalapenos on top. In my dish? We'll see next week.

And no, I haven't had any work to do for three days. Last night I left work early and went to Pilates at the Mind and Body studio near my house (I can still feel it between my shoulder blades), came home and made dinner, then went to Caffe Vita to do a Tablet interview, which kept me busy until 10 PM. (By the way, the studio is having an open house March 15 and 16 with free classes all day: check it out if you're interested.) Tonight I have a Tablet contributor meeting, and then Mah Jong.
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