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My week is over and I'm really, really thinking about joining Weight Watchers again

I'm very excited about going out of town this weekend. The funny thing is, though, that I'm just about as happy that I'm not working tomorrow as I am that I'm going out of town. Work has been very intense this last week and I have felt worn out every night. I guess it's not too surprising that they're having a "morale event" in a week and a half, but for crap's sake why do they want to take us to see "Troy?" Like I give a rat's ass about watching Brad Pitt run around dressed in leather. I mean, Christ, it's brown leather. Get real.

Tonight I stayed late at work (hey ... I could say that about every night this week!) and packed up my office for the move that's happening while I'm Gone Daddy Gone. shadowdaddy picked me up at 7:30, and we drove to Redmond to eat at Kanishka, a restaurant my officemate was pushing on me earlier in the week. The verdict? Recommendations for Indian food from a person born in Bangalore can be trusted. It was like discovering Indian food all over again after that slop we get pushed on us in Seattle. (I think they were worried that they might have made the food too hot for us, though ... they kept coming by to check. The fact their scale went up to six kept us at four, though, which was a wise choice.)

Afterwards we went to Target to get shadowdaddy some appropriate shoes for kayaking, and I made the horrendous mistake of Trying On Clothes Made for Teenage Sluts. They're tight, they're cheaply made, and they're all Way Too Transparent. Now, runningnekkid could have made them look Hot Hot Hot but I'm afraid I need much more carefully sewn clothes to, um, enhance my assets (rather than making me look like I decided to smuggle a five pound bag of potatoes out of the grocery store by cleverly hiding it in my strapless summer dress). We got home very late and I'm afraid we'll be getting a late start heading north ... but who cares!

And if you've read this far ... good luck with the interview, spikeylady, and I hope you're having/had fun at Goddess.

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