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A must-read New York Times article - why liberals are losing

I've been trying to avoid political screeds since about a month ago when I realized that the government was totally corrupt right now and that pointing it out was like saying the Earth is a planet and water expands when it freezes. I felt it was polluting my blog with obvious information and distracting from whatever I hoped to accomplish by writing here. However, today the New York Times has a
great article about how the conservatives have out-organized the liberals
very, very effectively. It was the lesson of 1994, and we have failed to take it to heart. Instead of ranting about the problems we're facing, I encourange anyone who reads this article and finds it speaks to them to figure out how we can organize to really, really make things change.

In other news I had a very nice walk today up to the Bellevue Community College campus over lunch, where (my coworker and friend) Shannon and I stopped in to their cafeteria and chatted about almost completely non-work related stuff over quiche and salad (only $3.75!). It was good to see the outdoors during work hours ... and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Time to plan a big vacation and more regular trips to the pilates studio.

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