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Trisha Brown, Seattle International Film Festival

It's shaping up to be a busy weekend. After seeing the Trisha Brown show at Meany with shadowdaddy and Pam (very cool to see this show right after seeing the exhibit up about her history of choreography and art collaboration at the Henry), we tried to figure out how we were going to do ALL the stuff we've got on the plate for this weekend WITH the SIFF films we want to see. It's sad: we're totally overbooked the next three days, there's lots of incredible live events happening plus parties, and then some of the movies I'm most interested in (the Guy Maddin ones) are only happening the first weekend. So it looks like our schedule will run like this:

Tonight: Birds in Winter at the Little Theater at 8 (hopefully with Pam), then meet up with vulture23 to go to jaquelea's party. (vulture23, if you want to go to the movie ... it's short ... lemme know.)

Saturday: a real blowout. 2 PM Dragon of Wantley (Baroque Puppet Opera - I just love it!), 8 PM Melancholy Play at Richard Hugo House (the linked review was very convincing), then Cathy's party and possibly a trip to see the Taiwanese Marionette Wire Fu Fantasy movie at midnight at the Egyptian ("Legend of the Sacred Stone," see picture above).

Sunday: crikey, it looks like we've only got the Guy Maddin "Saddest Music in the World to go to ... and possibly the Secret Film Festival if I get off my hiney and buy a pass quickly.

Oy! I feel like I attempt to lead the life of a person far more glamorous than myself. But it's fun to do while I can handle it!

I'll do a post on the rest of the movies I'm hoping to see soon ... well, actually I'm supposed to spend all day working on this stupid bug (a mini-project in truth), so I don't expect I'll get much posting done. Suffice it to say that the Taiwanese horror movies, the Henry Darger documentary, "Hero", all the Samurai pictures, and the North American premiere of "Ghost in the Shell II" are on my list. If you have a movie you'd like to see with me ... speak up, I'm open to suggestions!

UPDATE: Got the Saturday movie wrong, it's actually "Azumi," described as a Quentin Tarantino-like Samurai Chick assasin/revenge flick. It still looks good, though!

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