Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Gosh it's late for me to be up

Got up at 8:30 to meet the architect whose planning our remodel. We had an epiphany when she realized I wanted a sun room and not a roller rink upstairs. The contractors came over at 10:30. They seemed much more professional than the other guy but not as cute. I am curious to see how much they think this all will cost. It really looks like things are moving forward now, since we gave the mortgage guy the go-ahead to do an appraisal on Friday. I'm not looking forward to increasing the cost of our mortgage but it seems like a better way to spend our money than investing. If we have money, that is, and if Korea doesn't bomb Seattle (which is the closest major West Coast city, if I'm not mistaken).

We looked at bathtubs at the Kohler showroom on Stone after they all left, which was basically boring and turned us off on the home improvement thing for the afternoon, leaving us blissfully free to go to Gordito's for lunch. They're serving chile rellenos now and boy they were tasty. Afterwards we went home and got ready for the game party, which for me consisted of taking a nap. Our first guests arrived at 6:45 and we got a game of Puerto Rico going which took us all the way through 'til 11:30. I felt bad because Irene and Maya came by and I wanted them to get playing some games, but they bagged after a while and went to a bar as per their earlier plans. Rachel and Troy came by even later, and we got Rachel sucked in. Finally David Richter came by for the last half hour, and just because he'd made such a special effort to come by I pulled together another game (Once Upon A Time) just for him. We had fun and I won as usual thanks to my superior BSing abilities.

At 1 (for God's sake!) we went with Troy and Rachel to the Mercury, which they had been planning on going to with us for a looooong time. We ran into Motomotoyama and Fam, who were each stressed out (but for very different reasons) and both dealing with it by being drunk. My, I hope there was a taxi ride in there somewhere for the two of them.

Anyhow, big plans for tomorrow are replanting the naked spots in the yard, writing a story for Tablet, and maybe seeing the Two Towers at long last at 4 PM. Tah dah! And of course having some yummy waffles in the morning. What a nice lazy day!
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