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Almost a real conversation

One of my coworkers brought in Swedish Fish to work today, which led to (most of) this conversation ...

CW: Yeah, old people tend to like them.
Me: My mom used to buy them for me at the Sears candy counter.
Other CW: Sears used to have a candy counter?
Me: Well, they did around 1974. I was living in Arizona at the time. We'd ride our horses up to the store and hitch them outside.
OCW: Really?
Me: No. But there did used to be a candy counter inside Sears.

Also, I saw in an article in the Seattle Times that your fat makes you hungrier. Seriously! It's like living with Seymour from the "Little Shop of Horrors" imbedded under your skin. I'll have to remember that any time I'm feeling snacky that I'm starving the monster by saying no.
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