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This is a test ... but it may become an entry

ElvesOnOrcas (134k image)

Yes, it's Elves on Orcas ... Orcas Island, that is!

At any rate, it's raining so hard today that I actually wore a NEW pair of waterproof boots, ones that I bought about two months ago thinking I wouldn't get to wear them until October or so (but you know, it was an end-of-season sale so the price was right, and you ALWAYS need waterproof shoes when you live in Seattle). But today, as I pulled out my clothes to wear to work, I thought, hey, I could USE those boots today - and they're on. The rain just keeps falling, too ... so funny to think that only three days ago I was laughing at Henry Darger's 15 year rant at the inaccuracy of weathermen. They got this right - whoever it was that said on Tuesday that this spell of rain was going to be a soaker hit it right on the nose.

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