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OK, more on the kitchen

Update! Now with extra added old floor picture!

If you've been to my house, perhaps you'll understand what an incredible improvement it is to have this pretty new kitchen floor to look at over the old, peeling, burnt stuff that I used to have to face when I looked in the door of this room. Is it motivation enough to want to do dishes? Perhaps not, but I swear the whole room has a whole different air to it now. I bet it will look even better tonight when the fridge and stove get put back in there - well, okay, maybe it won't look better but the living room sure the heck will.
PrettyNewKitchen (32k image)

And the old ... (note this actually looks nicer than the old floor did - it's a fake, but very close. The real floor had a circular scorch mark in what would be the upper-right corner and wasn't shiny, ever, no matter how much you scrubbed).

PrettyNewKitchenNOT (39k image)

Oh yes, and I found a Battle Royale quiz ...

If YOU were in battle royale?
How do you feel?
Whats your technique?
Your Number 8
Your Weapon Crossbow
Your Kill Count 0
Your Outcome You beat the whole system with your supreme cunning
This QuickKwiz by Gakidou - Taken 1164 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology

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