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Circus Contraption was better than ever

I had a great time tonight at Circus Contraption. Ushering wasn't too bad - I actually didn't do anything the least bit usher-like, but rather poured beer from the world's foamiest keg. It was like some kind of Sysyphian hell ... I could not get glasses to fill up, and every damn person who came to the concession stand said, "Can I have a beer?" or "Can I get two beers?" or (when I was absolutely positive that I could never, ever fill a pint glass correctly out of a beer tap) "Can I have four beers?" It was really frustrating. My other irritation for the evening was wearing the positively worst pair of fishnet stockings in the world, which, while they were the perfect accompaniment to my saloon girl outfit, suffered from having NO ELASTIC at the top. This meant that the more I moved around, the more they tried to just ... fall off. Gads. At least Bret said I looked buxom.

And yes, the nice thing was ... there were actually two people I knew there, Bret and the fluffy tall dark-haired actor that runs with the Annex crowd (Steve?). My big thrill, though, was seeing the sizzlin' hot Asian cowboy stripper from the Circus Contraption fund raiser, all assless chaps and skin tight zippered hot pants. Yow! Could he ever butter my toast! Me and the house manager were checking him out while he was sweeping the popcorn up after the show was over. And somehow he got the performer in the bunny suit to pick him to be his competition in the bicycle race ... but the performer was having a really hard time helping Mr. Yeehaw up into his bike seat. Why didn't they ask for a volunteer to do this, I wonder? I mean, heck, I was right in the front row ...

Ushering did, unfortunately, make me sit a little too close to the stage (that's where our seats were). But the performance was so fun ... they had, of course, aerialists working with ropes and curtains; jugglers; balancing acts; and the Circus Contraption band. About the band: seeing a girl who not only sings like a crazed gypsy but also plays the trumpet ... in garters ... while spinning around on giant wheel ... really gives me hope for the American stage. They also threw in tap dancing, with four scantily clad trollops tapping away (it about killed me) while hula-hooping, or juggling, or what have you.

What I was really pleased about was how inventive the show was. What do you do to keep a sort of standard circus routine fun to watch? You make a new story to go with it. So for the balancing act, it was a bunch of red-suited devils torturing a drunk man (a la "The Drunkards' Nightmare"), including waggling their tongues at him while turning somersaults in tandem; for one of the rope acts, it was a girl who liked a boy trying to follow him up into the trapeze (and getting "dropped"). And how could they do a flamingo for the stilts act? It was so right, and so funny, and so ... pretty. Aaaah. I really think I have to go again.

On my way back home (I gave another one of the volunteers a lift to Capitol Hill - some guy named John who works at Seattle Shakespeare and apparently goes out to plays as much as I do), I realized that shadowdaddy was still in the plane heading to Singapore. That's one long flight. I wonder how long it will be before I hear from him again? And I decided against going to the Mercury ... I didn't want to have a wardrobe malfunction, and I'm supposed to be going thrift shopping tomorrow morning.

As a summary, how good was this show? It was so good that I didn't even for a second think about writing about it on LJ - I was too busy watching. Now that's good.

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