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Record cold, wonderful sun

I'm balancing my checkbook right now with the specific hope that there is actually more money in the bank than I think there is. Sad, huh?

I forgot to mention how incredibly nice the weather was yesterday ... sunny and clear. I did some yard work (trying to repair the damage the dogs have done to the lawn) and actually broke a sweat. There is a clump of purple and white striped crocuses blooming at the foot of the apple tree. I don't remember planting them, although I must have. There are so many of them that it looks like the photo on the front of the box of saffron I brought back from Spain ... so pretty!

I woke up this morning at eight ... moving really slowly ... and Worthy Opponent came up to the bedroom. I sat there petting the cat, and asked him "How'd you sleep?" He started laughing ... apparently I asked him twice but didn't remember the first time, which I suppose means I slept really well, well enough to continue doing it in a seated position.
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