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"Bright Future" dim, Matthew Barney nuts

Well, I'm sad to report that Bright Future wasn't so good. I'll get a report up about it on the Tablet SIFF blog later on tonight (woo, writing in my blog about writing in a blog!). At least the company was good. For now I'm heading to the Elysian to meet Cathy ("the blogless one"), but just for an hour or so as I'm feeling guilty about leaving my dog alone for so long. Tomorrow she and I are going to the 9 PM showing of "Cremaster V" at the Grand Illusion. From what I've seen before, Matthew Barney is a complete freak, and Bret says this is his best work, so I'm really looking forward to it. If you're reading this and you'd care to join me ... just let me know, I'd be pleased to have your company.
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