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Fun workie stuff

Things have become pretty slow at work, which goes rather nicely with the good weather. I went for a walk with a coworker today and he was encouraging me to leave early. In fact, we were discussing the Executive Edict to Not Have Meetings After 2 PM on Fridays During the Summer (seriously, this came from our CEO). I told him I really wanted to head out and kayak from Lake Union to Golden Gardens, and he said, "What's keeping you from doing it?" I answered that it's not safe to go by yourself, although I had a friend I thought might like to go with me ... and he handed me the phone and told me to call her RIGHT NOW. Sheesh! Such a pusher!

Meanwhile, this afternoon, to keep us in that Getting Lots of Work Done mode, we're having a going-away party with lots of beer and such starting at 3 PM. Woo woo, drinking at work! Bet they don't do this at IBM. I used this as an opportunity to network with some people in the group I'm looking to move into toward the end of the year. It would be nice to actually put my language skills to use, some 15 years after I got my BA in Chinese. I should brush up on my character memorization, though. Getting transferred to this team is all part of my plan that will help me reach my goal to Live a Year in Japan before I Turn 40.

Tonight it looks like I'll be seeing Circus Contraption again, only this time from a good seat in the bleachers. Mr and Mrs irrationalrobot and Mr and Mrs djcynic are going to be there, so I think it will be a fun time. The last show I saw was like a really good movie where you go back to see it again because you missed so many of the details. I couldn't get enough of the show last week, so this will be fun. And who knows, maybe afterwards I'll head to the Mercury and dance my little heart out ... God only knows it's been two months since I've been there, so it's probably time for me to head back!

Tomorrow I'm scheduling an hour or two at the Western Bridge Gallery in preparation for writing up a Big Fat Article for Tablet (an article in which I will not Capitalize Important Things as it's bad writing style, tho' it reflects my mood right now). I'm looking forward to seeing what they've got going on there, as the two reviews I have read were more than glowing. And ... hey, you! Wanna come with? Should be right about noon, and the weather looks like it's going to be crap tomorrow unless you're going crabbing ...

Finally, shadowdaddy called me from Singapore this morning at work. It was so nice to hear from him. He's thinking about trying to get bumped from his flight, to which I say No Way, Jose! I want him back home.
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