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While I want to hide in my tent and sulk I find myself laughing

First, runningnekkid, I've finally found the right reason for you to move to Seattle. Yep, you and motomotoyama need to join the Rat City Roller Girls. I imagine you going as the "Twisted Sisters" or something like that.

Next, I forgot to mention that while at the Goodwill in Port Angeles last Monday I bought both a pair of shot glasses and a $1 garter belt. Yep, my sailor was coming home and I was ready to party.

Third, I was (ahem) reading Friend of a Friend of a Friend and inadvertently stumbled on, not just pseudonihilist's Legolas/Aragorn fan fic, but her detailed, cinematic proof of their love. This is cracking me up because a) she's obviously a BEEG GEEK, b) I am hysterically amused by my imagined visions of the angry Tolkein fans, and c) it's just damn funny.

Finally, I'd like to note that it's nice and cloudy outside, exactly how it wasn't all week long. This, of course, is a Saturday, so it's most appropriate that Mother Nature SPIT IN MY FACE. However, as I went downstairs to flip the breaker on the stove (might I boil water and have a cup of tea at last?), I remembered how I wanted some cloudy days so I could focus on cleaning the house. Hah. I will stay here just long enough to wash dishes while I'm listening to "This American Life" do a story on American contractors in Iraq (which I listened to for a while in the car last night), then I will go to Talbot's up near Lynwood and see if I can find some really nice clothes for a really good price.
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