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The library is cool

We're trying to walk off shadowdaddy's jetlag, and we decided it was a perfect opportunity to stop by the new Central Library. (I was also motivated by the letter I got from them inviting me to make a personal visit, or pay $25 for a book I'd checked out two months ago, my pick.)

We didn't have a lot of time to stay because of their closing time, but WOW! It was so great! We just ran around from floor to floor, checking out the candy-yellow escalators, the wierd plant-print carpet, the "book spiral," and all of the other fantastic architectural details. My very favorite thing? The freakish entrance to the meeting rooms, which was like a giant lipsticked mouth waiting to gobble you up. Wandering around this area was completely insane because of the overwhelming, unrelieved use of red - floor, walls, ceilings, EVERYTHING except the water fountains. The air felt ionized by the shock of the red. When I finally made it out of the meeting zone, the fuschia wall of the stairwell really stood out, and the blue of the naturally lit atrium coming through a grating changed the atmosphere quite a bit.

But wait ... there was something I liked better than this area, which stood like a heart at the center of the building. I was delighted that the library was PACKED full of people, both using it and just going tourist in it. But I couldn't BELIEVE that all of these people were being kicked out at 5 PM because of the stupid budget our city is running on! Christ, it's a public building, the public wants to be in it, it should damn well be open!

At any rate, I want to go back and do a photo shoot there - I guess I'm still feeling influenced by seeing Cremaster 5 last week.

We finished our stroll by heading to Westlake Center and stopping by Bombay Wallah in the food court to try their dosas (not impressive). shadowdaddy said that in fact it was rather a Singaporean experience, and I felt sorry for him for having so many meals in malls while he was gone. He also said that one of his travelling companions said that Seattle was going to feel very homogeneous after Singapore ... but it didn't, as we saw only about 1/3 Caucasians - the rest a Seattle-perfect mix of Hispanic, various Asian (locals and imports), african-american, and Indian. Yep, welcome back to the melting pot! Finally we hit the grocery store, and now home. Aaaah, Sunday night at home with my honey. I'm so glad he's back!
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