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My trip to Cinerama did not change my life

I finally went and saw The Two Towers last night. There was definitely a bunch of stuff they could have cut out to make it shorter, starting with the 15 minutes of previews before the movie. And I had real problems with the use of digital colorization throughout the film. It just made so many of the scenes feel wrong. Can't they trust natural color just a wee bit more?


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Feb. 25th, 2003 11:07 am (UTC)
Make it shorter?
They left out a bunch at the end of the second book. Like after Helm's Deep riding to Orthanc and facing down Sauraman, and banishing him. Aragorn breaking paths to go through the path of the dead and acceptance of his becoming the king of Gondor. Merry and Pippin parting ways with one on a hasty ride to Gondor with Gandalf cause he mistakenly looked into the Palantir that was in Orthanc and the other staying with Rohirmm (or however you spell it).

They stopped before Frodo and Sam are lead to Shelob by Gollum and have to fight her.

But then the next film would be kinda short I think as the last "book" is the shortest, so it may yet to be seen. Overall I have been quite happy with what Peter Jackson has done as far as making a movie version of this monster of a book. Heck after the 2.5 hours of the first film I was sitting there thinking, okay, lets see the rest right now!
Feb. 25th, 2003 12:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Make it shorter?
Well, what I was thinking was that they ought to look into putting an honest to God intermission in the movie. I haven't seen a movie since The Right Stuff that had an intermission (OK, Lawrence of Arabia did, but it was made twenty years earlier so it didn't count), and after Two Towers was over my sprint to the bathroom could have qualified me for the Olympics. But I can't really comment on what they cut out from the actual book since (I realized last night) it's been over twenty years since I read it last. I'm just not big on reading books twice, except for Star Wars, which I used to read recreationally in junior high. (VCRs weren't too common yet back in those days.)

On a positive note, I just loved the scene in the swamp, and every time the Ent was on I paid a lot more attention. But I would have cut pretty much every scene with a woman in it except for Galadriel. And how come middle earth is so damn white? Can't they just pick one of the nations of men and make it non-caucasian?
Feb. 25th, 2003 01:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Make it shorter?
Well the Southrons and Easterlings which you only get to see fighting on the side of Sauron I always pictured as more middle eastern and african looking. I haven't read enough of the other tales to really know one way or the other. The continet of Middle Earth is actaully quite big. The Lord Of The Rings story takes place in an area about 1/5th or so of the total land.

Rohan seems to be taken from the Nordic cultures and Gondor from western european cultures. These are the two main human residents of the area in which the The Lord Of The Rings takes place. Also most of the mythology that inspired Tolkien was european which would make a more white world. I don't find this to be good or bad really, just a reflection of what was an influence on his fictional world.

Aragorn is Numenoran (spelling?) and they aren't human like say Borimir and Farimir are. They live 3 times the life of men according to the appendices in The Return Of The King which I guess would give him a life span of 200+ years or so. He is only 50 or so when the story takes place.
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