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Tippecanoe and Tyler, too

Conversation while going out to lunch (Chantanee Thai, 5 star Pad Kee Mao for me)

Me: I think I found a good place for paddling.
Coworker: Do you have the right equipment?
Me: I need a rack. But they're expensive.
Coworker: So in order to paddle well, you need a good rack?
Me: You get a lot more out of your paddling experience if you've got a good rack, no doubt about it.
(All members of car are now giggling.)
Coworker: Is it time to organize a paddling group at work?
Me: I'm changing my IM alias to "Loves a good paddle ..."

Anyway, this all had me thinking of my LJ friends spikeylady and trishpiglet, so a big hello to you!
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