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I am just a party animal

I can't believe I missed the interview with David Sedaris the New York Times published last Sunday. Whew! If the Seattle PI hadn't written about it I might have not been able to read it at all.

I stayed home tonight and finished reading "Fool's Run" by Patricia McKillip. I've been working on this book for over a year now but finally got the impetus get to the end of it when I could see the brilliant writing style of this author coming through clearly (at last, and just last night). I really enjoy her ability to tackle grand themes in such a clear, high-fantasy style - using simple language and archetypes to deal with interesting themes, such as vengeance and forgiveness.

I also sat around and played therapist. "Tell me about your feelings." "Dig deep inside and find something that you really can connect to." "No, focus on going deep, not shallow. You are telling me about details and that is keeping you skating on the surface." This has been pretty exhausting. I think I might be a really good psychologist if I were to switch careers at this point, but these days I also wonder if perhaps I would enjoy being a marine biologist.

I never went anywhere or did anything and didn't even really want to eat tonight. shadowdaddy made me some macaroni and cheese a while ago on our newly functioning stove. I also read that calcium rich foods help fight depression ... is that why I wanted to eat this?
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