Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Family oriented Saturday - Scarlet Tree, Circus Contraption

We started off the day at the Scarlet Tree, a restaurant near irrationalrobot's house. His half sister/my step sister was in town, staying with him, so we were "showing her a good time," part of the "softening her up" process before we put the big squeeze on her to move to Seattle. Afterwards shadowdaddy and I headed back to the house, and I puttered around a bit before I apparently puttered out and got in an hour and a half nap.

Shortly after I got up we went to Nina's for her birthday party, then skedaddled out and made it to the Circus Contraption show very shortly before their 8 PM opening time. Yes, it was my third time seeing it, and to my surprise they had actually changed things, adding a whole new bit that featured balancing on a bicycle and completely reworking the first juggling scene so that more people were involved and the head juggler's fuckups didn't show so strongly.

Tomorrow's Furry 5 K race (the "furry" part is the dogs that are participating, not the costumed people) will have me up and out of bed rather early for a Sunday. I hope everything goes smoothly for dagmar_b's sake, and I have my fingers crossed that my coworkers will have registered in force strong enough to put us in the finals for the biggest team! In the evening I'm sort of hoping to go see the 7:45 Cremaster III at the Grand Illusion. It's kind of long ... I'm worried that it might feel painful since even Cremaster II, which I really liked, lost my attention for a while in the middle. I really don't like checking my watch during movies, no matter how arty they are. But I do really want to finish the cycle, so even though I missed IV, I really need to try to squeeze this movie in while I can.
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