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New kitty coming soon, other comments, geekery

I'm supposed to be getting a new kitty today. I'm excited ... look how cute he is! (I mean, I apologize in advance for not cutting this picture ... but who doesn't want to see a picture of a cute kitty?) Kitty (3k image)

In other news, the 911 commission said today that there's "no credible evidence" of a link between Iraq and Al-Qaida. This is such old news that I wouldn't even bring it up here, but just yesterday the local rag was doing a poll in response to Cheney's ridiculous claim otherwise and 35% of the people who answered the poll said yes, they believed the two were related. Jesus, people, get with it! I can't believe my fellow citizens ... my fellow Washingtonians ... are such sheep! All I need to do is get my french fry diet printed up and clearly I too could be a millionaire ...

Finally, when I was cleaning the spare bedroom on Saturday (in anticipation of having my sister's kids sleep there when they came to visit), I found a map that looked like it had fallen out of one of my books. Marked on it was "El Bosque Negro," "Montañas Grises," et cetera ... and I thought, man, I'll never match this up with its book ... who knows where it came from? But as I looked at the various areas on the map, trying to figure out what book it came from, I noticed the presence of a "Rohan" amid all the Spanish places. Then I realized ... it was a map from my copy of El Señor de los Anillos, which I had kind of forgotten I had ... It just goes to prove that I'm not really a geek, for if I were, surely I would have picked up on this right away!
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