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Today at work is apparently Sugar High Wednesday, as I've had cake AND icecream from two completely different groups (one mine). With my afternoon cuppa well down the hatch, I am a-VROOM VROOM VROOMing away, but not really feeling focused in any way. All I really want is to get the phone call saying it's time to go get my new kitty. IN the meanwhile, I took part in this horrid meme from hieroglyphe, confirming all of my worst fears: I am caused by Satan, what I have can only be cured by wearing really bad clothes, and (worst of all) I don't render correctly in Mozilla. Don't believe me?

What kind of disease are you?


webcowgirl is caused by Satan.

webcowgirl disease will make you be a preppy bastard.
Cure webcowgirl by dressing like an 80's rock star.

Just to be irritating I'm not going to fix it, even though I can.

Oh, God, webcowgirl disease is really bad, isn't it?
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