Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Kitty rave,

Last night I was inspired my Tom Tomorrow's blog and went to the official White House website to read a press briefing by Scott McClellan that I found funny enough to recite, almost in its entirety, to a towel-clad shadowdaddy. In a particularly good bit, a reporter challenging McClellan on his claims of Iraqi-Al Qaeda ties said, "What are people supposed to conclude, that they're having lunch with each other?" I was very proud of shadowdaddy, for wanting to listen to the whole thing, and thinking it was funny. And damn, reading it WAS funny, both times!

I've been keeping the little kitty (Pippin? Vote if you like a different name better ...) locked in the back rooms of the house when I'm not home, and every time I come home and open the door, he dances around between my feet, which makes it very difficult to navigate my way to the toliet without flattening him. He's got a little lump at the end of his tail, which I'm now convinced was likely caused by exactly this kind of behavior.

It's already quite warm outside - I thought I heard 77 on the radio, but the PI says it's only 67 so I'm going with that. I'm going to go to my exercise class, then water my friend Cathy's flowers, then go to Salumi to pick up my lunch. shadowdaddy is supposed to be leaving work early to join me for a dejeuner sur l'herbe, which should be quite fun!
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