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Polar Bear swim

Today has so far been A Perfect Day©. Pilates was incredible. There was a fill-in instructor, a really hot woman with bleached blond super-short Annie Lenox hair and a tattoo of a mermaid on each of her calves who came in the studio with what I think was a chihuahua mix that promptly laid down on a towel for the next hour. Since there were only four of us, we all got a lot of personal attention, which for me meant a lot of focus on pulling down my gut, and trying to keep my frigging shoulders back. Her suggestion to pretend that I was at all times attempting to hold a pencil under my lats (? - something like that) worked really well, but it was a strange point of attention for me. She also had us do an exercise lying on our backs with our legs in "tabletop" and our knees in the loops that hang from the wall by springs, pulling the knees toward us using our abdominal muscles. Wow, what a workout! It was quite warm in the studio but that just made me anticipate my trip to the beach more ...

Alas, the big article on Salumi made the lines today impossible, and I waited a good half hour before I got my two sandwiches (finocchina with fresh motz and prosciutto with fig spread and goat cheese, both cold) and antipasti for my picnic. shadowdaddy somehow anticipated this, and as I arrived at Denny Blaine he was just running down the stairs and heading for a nice-post-biking dip in the lake. When I made it in half an hour later, I was certainly hot, but the lake cooled me right down, I tell you. We spent the next half hour or so napping. MMMmmm, Seattle summer!

We made it to the Photo Center of the Northwest to see the photo exhibit rubylou pointed me to (and my goodness, was that darkmane in the whiskey shot?), and now we're off to see Kurosawa's I Live in Fear at the Grand Illusion. Alas, afterwards I must go to work ... midnight to 8 AM. This will screw up the rest of the weekend, but at least I had this One Perfect Day©.
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