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Wasted days and wasted nights

I just got up - yes, at a quarter 'til five on a Saturday afternoon, I am sitting in the living room in a tank top and my undies and drinking a cup of oolong tea. I got home around 8:30 AM and got to bed at about 9 ... and I just kept sleeping, sleeping, sleeping through the afternoon. I woke up around 1 when it got up to 82 in the bedroom and just got too damn hot to sleep anymore and went downstairs (dragging the meat thermometer with me to verify scientifically that it WAS cooler down her, it didn't just feel like it). shadowdaddy was extraordinarlily nice about keeping the kitten from jumping on me and the dog from sticking his nose in my face, so I was able to just snooze away quite happily. My only real complaint is that I was dreaming about work. Lord.

It looks like tonight I'll probably skip most forms of intellectually stimulating amusements and go to Seattle Cosmic game night - an option whick will allow me to depart if my batteries die mid-stream.
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